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The Clear Path For Complex Chemical Logist ics The world’s leading chemical companies rely on Odyssey to move their products safely, cost-efficiently and on time. Odyssey understands the technical and regulatory challenges of the chemical industry, and our custom- tailored, Door-to-Done® solutions ensure products are delivered through a safe, secure and environmentally responsible system. We transport both hazardous and non-hazardous products with specific expertise in intermodal and bulk chemical transportation, along with leading edge control tower visibility and global sample fulfillment.

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LANXESS, a global specialty chemicals supplier, selected Odyssey Logistics & Technology to track multiple assets for four business units that provide products

across 33 countries. THE CHALLENGE

References to control towers generally conjure up images of tall buildings lurking in the middle of airports, filled with air traffic controllers hovering over numerous radar screens to ensure every aircraft departs and arrives safely. While there may not be a physical “tower,” a supply chain and logistical control tower works in a similar fashion, providing visibility across multiple operations, assets and services. When LANXESS was challenged with managing a variety of assets across multiple partners and countries such as ocean containers, rail cars or ISO tanks, its team turned to Odyssey to help track these resources. The core business for LANXESS is developing, manufacturing and marketing chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. The challenge was to integrate all assets across four LANXESS business units servicing 60 production sites worldwide so that the internal customer team can see where their products are at any given time.

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