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with its customer and carrier base, to provide solutions that benefit all involved. Leading technology solutions also underpin KAG’s logistics offerings. Among other solutions, KAG Logistics’ Optimate TMS selects the right mode, equipment, and contract to safely and cost-effectively transport customers’ shipments. Shipment plans are routed to the optimal routes and contracts, while complying with customers’ business rules. This reins in costs while ensuring contract requirements are met. Optimate TMS is supported by a dedicated logistics team and a 24/7/365 Logistics Operations Center. KAG’s visibility solution, Enhanced Tracking and Alert Solutions, or ETA, continually tracks each load’s location and status and provides real-time visibility, no matter the carrier. It also issues alerts when shipments may be late or disrupted. This comprehensive

KAG Logistics counts on its people as a key differentiator. With an understanding of the chemical industry, they act as extensions of clients’ transportation and logistics functions.

KAG Logistics, based in North Canton, Ohio, serves multiple verticals across North America, including fuel, renewable energy, chemicals, food, and merchant gas supply chains. Its

shippers. “If you’re not looking at your supply chain both ways—inbound and outbound—you’re leaving a lot on the table,” Vieira says. CLX works with clients to boost carrier utilization on both inbound and outbound loads. Vieira notes that a professional procurement function, like CLX can provide, is key to managing the financial pressures most companies face today. CLX developed a new product, Global Special Products, to handle oversized shipments. One client using this service moves containment units for spent nuclear rods, which can weigh more than 225,000 pounds. This is just one example of how clients count on CLX to consistently deliver the solutions they need. “Every day, the CLX team works with our customers to find creative solutions to their challenges,” Vieira says. KAG LOGISTICS: PEOPLE AND PROCESS PROWESS A critical component of the success KAG Logistics has enjoyed is its people. “You win with people,” says Curt Gonya, senior vice president, chemicals and specialty products. “Our people are logistics experts with a deep understanding of the chemical industry.” KAG’s culture fosters excellence and drives individuals to be the best they can, he adds.

Global issues during the pandemic, congestion and disruption continue to present challenges.

visibility to all shipments in transit allows supply chain executives to manage by exception. “Over the years, KAG Logistics has undergone significant growth,” Gonya says. The experience and expertise it has gained has helped it withstand the challenges of the past year, he adds. KAG plans to build on its success. “Our vision is to continue to grow and evolve, while staying at the forefront of our contemporaries,” Gonya says. “We will do this with a focus on our people and delivering every load on time and without incident.” ODYSSEY LOGISTICS & TECHNOLOGY: LEVERAGING DATA INSIGHTS Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s poem Odyssey, was known for the wisdom and strength he displayed when encountering challenges on his travels. Odyssey Logistics & Technology demonstrates similar qualities in ensuring its

transportation management solutions include multimodal transportation, brokerage, dedicated transportation solutions and carrier management, and procurement. KAG also offers enhanced tracking and alerts (ETA), fuel management, inventory optimization, and other value-added logistics services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc., KAG Logistics can offer a range of unique

transportation solutions, building on KAG’s North American bulk

transportation network. “Our size and scalability allow KAG Logistics to act as extensions of our customers’ transportation and logistics functions,” Gonya says. Along with its people, process is key. “KAG employs proven processes, time- tested to be best practices,” Gonya says. Its solutions are tailored to meet client-specific needs. KAG’s scale and access to big data allow it to deal with each customer individually, while simultaneously driving collaboration

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