Inbound Logistics | September 2022

GOODQUESTION Readers Weigh In What phrase would you create to describe a supply chain trend or development? stockouch [stok-ouch] interjection MULTI-VENDORING. Companies requiring a local sourcing option for any raw materials that they need for any new products. –Arjun Chandar Co-founder and CEO, IndustrialML

1. An exclamation of sharp sudden pain due, or as a reaction, to an out-of-stock event (i.e., an event that causes inventory to be exhausted). “ Stockouch! I just read that shortages cost Super Supply Company $15M in lost sales in Q2.” noun

FREIGHTOLOGY. Analyzing a company’s middle-mile logistics

and determining the best method of shipping based on time or cost that most benefits the customer. –Amber Crosby Head of Client Success, WARP DISTRO-FACTURING. Small to mid-size distribution businesses diversifying offerings to compete with large enterprises and meet customer needs. The seismic shifts of the past years have forced many SMBs in manufacturing and distribution industries to shed traditional roles and empower themselves with expanded in-house capabilities to make, move, and sell amidst an ever-changing supply chain landscape. –Vaibhav Vohra Chief Product Officer, Epicor CHAOS HACKING. Using all of your current sources of data, information from suppliers/customers, and external risk information to build a picture of the supply chain and make effective decisions despite uncertainty. –Tony Pelli Practice Director, Security and Resilience, BSI SUPPLY CHAIN VISALYTICS. Supply chain visibility + market analytics. Innovative supply chain managers are increasingly using market-level analytics to benchmark their own performance. Everything from

1. The repercussions, or overall detrimental impact, resulting from stockouts (also known as out-of-stocks). This can occur along the entire supply chain, but the most visible kind are retail out-of-stocks in the fast- moving consumer goods industry. “While most companies that survived last year’s e-commerce waves emerged rattled at best, the stockouch for most was a severe hit to profits—triggering a ‘bullwhip effect’ in which those companies ended up over-purchasing stock as a safety cushion.” 2. The loss of sales, or cost otherwise accrued, from a retailer’s attempt to build up its inventories after suffering from stockouts. “Rather than benefit from the surge in demand, retailers suffered. In a recent survey, almost half said they experienced stockouts, leading to a serious case of stockouch on their businesses’ bottom lines.” –Eric Allais President & CEO, PathGuide Technologies

dot plots to measure shipping rates vs. interest rates—with a lot of questions about the Why Axis. –Gregory W. Tuthill Chief Commercial Officer SeaCube Containers SUSTAIN-AGILITY. The trend of shippers wanting sustainable deliveries and also the ability to maintain flexibility for their dynamic shipping needs. In other words, a last-mile shipping model that enables both flexibility and sustainability.

container dwell times to rollover rates to lead times are being implemented to streamline their own performance, reduce costs, and provide the best experience for their customers. –Josh Brazil VP, Supply Chain Insights, project44 DOT PLOT MANIA. In 2021, bankers’ interests were piqued with the buzzword rate-flation , resulting in an abundance of dot plot graphs. Now, with the Federal Reserve taking a hawkish position on interest rates, we expect bankers to ramp up their use of

–Adam Bryant CEO, AxleHire

8 Inbound Logistics • September 2022

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