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ECONOMIC ROADKILL. When you see tire rubber on the highways increase, you know the economy of scale is the creation. As the supply chain gets worse, it brings on what I call casual carriers —here today, gone tomorrow, leaving their lack of maintenance on our highways as economic roadkill. –Reo Hatfield VP, Business Development, TA Services CHAIN TRACKS. In today’s volatile global economy, an organization’s supply chain must be lean and agile to successfully support the business. This can be accomplished through a variety of ways (or “tracks”) using a combination of people, process, and technology. –Paul A. Myerson

Delivery Elevates Products

BRANDFLECTION. What is being reflected to a customer in a single delivery experience? Retailers

must pay attention to their delivery brandflection , or reflection of their brand. Most consumers don’t distinguish between stores and their delivery partners, so the people and technology used for delivery need to accurately represent a brand’s image.

–Brian Kava CEO, PICKUP

PRODUCTIZATION OF DELIVERY. Customers want delivery options and they want them to be fast, reliable, and easy. They’re willing to pay a reasonable price for these choices. It’s time for every business to adapt and harness the power of the productization of delivery . It is meaningful as the delivery itself becomes a real physical touchpoint in a digital world. –Bill Catania CEO & Founder, OneRail

Adjunct Professor, Supply Chain Management, Kean University

RAINY-DAY-LYTICS. Think rainy-day fund meets analytics. As businesses further adopt analytics into the supply chain, and delays and shortages continue, companies are setting aside extra stock, just-in-case. –Matt Heerey President, Manufacturing Division ECI Software Solutions CONTRACT-PALOOZA. The past 6 months have been all about contract freight. We’re seeing carriers in search of contracts, and shippers are looking to lock in rates that have come down off their peak. –David Spencer Director of Business Intelligence Arrive Logistics CONGESTIFICATION. The resulting

SUPPLY CHAINSMOKERS. Supply chain executives who have resorted to bad habits as the pressure to meet unrealistic timelines mounts due to ongoing disruption, bottlenecks, lack of capacity, equipment and warehouse shortages, extended dwell times, and rising rates. –Lisa Aurichio President, BSY Associates Inc. ON-SURING. Relocating operations and suppliers closer to home to create a more controlled and seamless supply chain. This trend directly impacts distances by bringing the parties closer together, creating more sustainable supply chain efficiencies. –Mike Garcia Market Manager—RPM ORBIS Corporation

analytics, leading to precise ETAs and routing, and reduced cost and emissions.

–Stuart Ryan VP, Sales & GTM (Americas) HERE Technologies

DISRUPSTAINFLATION. The trifecta of inflation, disruption, and sustainability is top of mind with business and supply chain executives, driving the need for improved resiliency, visibility, and collaboration across the ecosystem to make informed, real-time decisions to meet customer demands, regulatory mandates, and financial objectives. –Richard Howells VP, Cloud ERP and Supply Chain, SAP

ripple effect(s) and supply chain delays, due to port congestion.

–Mike Williams Executive VP for Commercial & Logistics, ContainerPort Group

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OMNI-MILE VISUALIZATION. Supply chain management has been broken down into first, middle, and last mile, but modern approaches require holistic views of the entire supply chain—enabling managers to make informed decisions, mitigating delays, providing better predictability and

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