Inbound Logistics | September 2022


Take Control And Streamline Your Freight Spend With ARTC’s Auditing And Payment Service

Take control of your freight spend with ARTC Logistics! With over 50-years experience, ARTC has the know-how to tailor and streamline your business processes to keep expenses to a minimum. ARTC’s powerful online freight dashboard and reporting system track every dollar spent and show you where the expenses are being allocated. Customized reports are an added feature, which can be available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. ARTC’s methodical audit process ensures that the carriers’ invoices are accurate. We will help you monitor any additional charges so you can manage the €nal freight bill accordingly. Sit back and feel secure that ARTC Logistics has your back. Give ARTC Logistics a call today! See how easy the ARTC experts can make the tracking of all of your freight expenses and give you more control of your company’s pro€tability.

5 Hanover Square | Suite 202 | New York, New York 10004 | Tel: (212) 736-8565 Ext. 3045

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