Inbound Logistics | July 2023


K enco is privately held and smaller than many other top 3PLs, lending to its agility and customer-centric approach. But it also boasts similar operating scale and access to cutting-edge technology that its larger,

governance (ESG) initiatives, and is actively partnering with customers to build more sustainable and resilient supply chains. Kenco has always been recognized first and foremost

Denis Reilly President & CEO

for its world-class lean operating system and people-first culture, driven by its motto to “be honest, serve, get better.” That’s why the typical contract client stays with Kenco for 14 years, and why it consistently earns best-in-class net promoter scores. “Kenco has consistently ranked high on the Top 10 List over the past few years, meaning customers have recognized our abilities and competencies,” says Denis Reilly, president

publicly traded competitors o°er. From robotic process automation and proprietary, AI-enabled predictive analytics to large-scale automation and robotic fulfillment, Kenco o°ers the best of both worlds between niche, customized solutions and nationwide, service-integrated omnichannel delivery. Its primary o°erings include value-added distribution and fulfillment, transportation services, MHE fleet solutions, and supply chain consulting, design, and innovation. The Kenco Innovation Lab is noted for its innovation-as-a- service (InaaS) model and ability to quickly pilot and deploy physical and digital solutions with a low cost of entry. It has also recently doubled down on its commitment to environmental, social, and Kenco goes above and beyond to create agility in our supply chain. We move fast and they stay right there with us.

and CEO of Kenco Group. “This step up into the second- highest rank is quite an accomplishment, especially considering the competition. We have proven ourselves a reliable and agile partner for our clients, o°ering innovative solutions that drive their success.”

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