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O ver 50 years ago, Hub Group was founded on delivering service, integrity, and innovation to its customers. Since then, the company has continued to be guided by these values while expanding its multi-modal capabilities across transportation and logistics management solutions. Hub Group values its relationships by providing personalized solutions that create a more ecient and sustainable supply chain. Its comprehensive, multi-modal solution design starts by evaluating the customer’s network, then looks top- down to uncover hidden value and opportunities to deliver guaranteed savings and service, while continuously assessing for improvements to drive long-term success. Phillip D. Yeager President and CEO

S unset Transportation is a six-time Top 10 3PL Provider with family roots, global reach, and best-in-class customer service. The company is driven by the right-size fit for each customer, using domestic and global supply chain resources to be the ultimate service provider for shippers looking to streamline their logistics programs. Sunset’s customers are the logistics heroes of their organization, accessing advanced transportation management solutions, reporting, and reliable execution. Sunset’s culture of flexibility, responsiveness, loyalty, accountability, and creating meaningful relationships drives its day-to-day freight operations. Through those values, the 3PL promises each customer visibility, data-driven decisions, continuous improvement, and a long-term partnership on which they can rely. “To earn the No. 4 spot on Inbound Logistics ’ list is a humbling testament to how our customers and carriers view our responsive communication and flexible service,” says Lindsey Graves, CEO. “Given this year’s shifts in the freight industry, I’m so pleased and excited to see Sunset pushing our culture and service to the next level.” Sunset is privately owned, with eight branch oces in the United States and Mexico. The company serves all domestic and international freight needs, including cross-border, warehousing, and supply chain engineering. Sunset Transportation Lindsey Graves CEO

Hub Group o‰ers exceptional service options, prices, and customer service.

is the right-size 3PL, and proud to be the #4 3PL Provider in the country.

Great team to work with. Excellent customer service.

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